(912) 921-4455  or

1 1/2 - 3 hours 
(depending on
topic, weather
and your interest)

Place: tours begin and
end in different places
in the Historic District,
depending on the
topic and arrangements

Distance: 1-3 miles

Number:   2-25

$15  adult
$ 5  child
   (under age 12)
   (child under age 6)

cash or check only


all tours designed
to permit
wheelchair use

(912) 921-4455  

Tours Ted Offers:

1. A Stroll 
  Through History

   (introduction walk
    through beautiful

2. Architecture 
   and Iron
    the eras of

3. Savannah
   Through the
   Eyes of a
(a scavenger
     hunt for
     with kids
     ages 7 and up)  

4. A View Through 
  Garden Gates
   (the trees, shrubs
    and plants of this
    sub-tropical coastal

5. Civil War In 
     (a Savannahian's
      view from build-up
      to blockade
      through General
      Sherman's visit
      and Federal

6. After Dark 
   Spirit Walk
(stories told
      of what has
      been seen, heard
      experienced -
suitable for
      older children)

7. Midnight in the 
   Garden of Good
   and Evil in
    (the fact and
     fiction as known
     through the real 
     characters John
     Berendt included
     in "the book")
8. Johnny Mercer
    Walk - Pardon My 
   Southern Accent
     - the life and life-long
       connections between
       the man who wrote
       over 1700 songs and
       his hometown, Savannah"

9.   Personal 
- Share
      your interests; 
      Ted will design
       the tour to meet





Take a walk through time in Savannah, internationally acclaimed "most beautiful city," at a Deep South, Savannah pace.

Rest a spell on a bench in a square.

Hear stories of the people and ways of this unique place tucked way down here among the marshes and up against the Atlantic, under a canopy of live oaks dripping with Spanish moss.

Come alone or bring your children, parents, grandparents and friends. Every tour is planned by topic; but, always unique, according to your individual or group interests. 


     Ted Eldridge has been collecting, telling and writing stories most of his life. He has been an elementary school teacher and principal, university instructor, lawn maintenance worker, water meter reader, bank teller, ski bum and short order cook.

Savannah is not only his home; but, also, his hobby. Ted has led over 550 walking tours as a licensed guide in Savannah.

His three published books of short stories of Savannah give insights that could be written only by one who knows and cares about the beauty of this little corner of paradise and the unique character of her people, from the descendents of the founders - those fifth to seventh generation Savannahians - to the visitors with whom he shares his city each week.

Ted sings tenor in the Choir at Christ Church Episcopal, the first church in Savannah, the Mother Church of Georgia, founded in 1733. 

He continues to feel honored to sing with the "World-Famous Crabettes," one of Savannah's treasured institutions, as one of a few Jimmy-crabs among the multi-talented She-crabs.

   A Note About How I Lead Tours:

      Whereas I used to lead "cattle call" tours with times and routes written in stone (as most tour companies do), I've found over the years that the walks I lead are much more enjoyable and relaxed for everyone if we go in small groups of people who know one another. It allows for flexibility in starting times to fit your itineraries, the ability to take routes that can highlight particular interests you might mention as we walk, and the fun of experiencing our tour with your family, friends or associates. Each walk is actually a private tour. I schedule classes, clubs and organizations, groups of friends, families and couples most often.
     For this reason, I ask the courtesy of notice if a scheduled tour needs to be canceled.

     I've found visitors on vacation usually want leisurely wake-up/breakfast, lunch and dinner times. To accommodate those blocks of time, most commonly people enjoy walking either 10-12, 2-4, or 7-9. Since I lead the Spirits After Dark Tour by lantern light and only after dark, starting time varies with the season. 
     If you will let me know through email response or phone message:  1) which topic(s) are of interest to you,   2) what dates and times best fit your plans, and  3) the number in your party, I'll get back to you with availability and specifics as soon as possible.
     The cost for each of my tours is $15 per adult, which includes the required $1 per person Savannah Preservation Tax. Children under 12 join us at $5 per person. Children under 6 come along free. Gratuities
are gratefully accepted, if warranted.
      Each tour lasts about two hours.
      I'll look forward to hearing from you. You're in for a wonderful, exciting time at a slow Savannah pace when you visit our corner of paradise.
                                                                     Ted  :)



Savannah THEN AND NOW, Ted's recently published book, co-authored with Polly Cooper, is available in bookstores and online. By requesting your purchase directly through Ted you receive an author's discount.

Soon available:

The first two books of Ted's Savannah Series for young adults -
                                                   Hattie, the Old Gullah Woman of Gator Island


                                                                "Voodoo"                 "Uncle Joe"

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